Free Laser Hair Removal Consultation

Kiss Laser Hair Clinic offers patients a free consultation, and this includes a free laser patch test. A patch test is essential to make sure you will not have any adverse reactions to laser treatment. We will also want to take down a full medical history just to make sure treatment will be completely safe for you, as patient safety and well-being is paramount. Most people will be able to have laser hair removal in Manchester, as there are very few medical concerns that would prohibit its use.

Your free consultation is also your opportunity to ask us all the questions you might have about treatment. It's your chance to take a look at our comfortable clinic and to meet our competent, caring and highly trained staff. Everyone visiting our clinic is treated with discretion and respect as we want you to feel completely comfortable during treatment.

Our staff can also explain the exact procedure for laser treatment which is surprisingly straightforward and quick. Most laser treatments will last anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated. We will also work out a treatment plan based on the colour of your hair, your skin tone and the areas to be treated.